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Hello everybody! It’s been such a long time since the last time I wrote in English, so I don’t know if I’ll make any mistake. I’ll try not to, though… As it is my first time posting in English, I’m gonna make it… special? Yeah, why not? I’m introducing myself in a tiny FAQ way. What’s me interviewing myself? It’s me being forever alone, hahaha… Haha, ha… Oh, please, I hope not…
Well, here I go:

Q: Why are you writing in English?
A: Because I’ve always loved this language. Since I was 15, I’ve been improving it a lot, above all due to a great teacher (thanks a lot! ^^) who knew how to motivate me and I started to get the lyrics by ear from music I used to listen to then. But I truly learnt a lot when I finally managed to read Harry Potter’s two last books in English.

Q: Why do you love English?
A: Well, I’ve always listened to songs with English lyrics and I like how they sound… In fact, I’ve always loved languages, I’m actually keen on them. I tried to learn German, Italian and Japanese by myself, but I took on too much, haha…

Q: What about you? Hobbies and all that stuff…
A: Hmmmm, I’ll try to summarize them: playing piano (self-taught since I was 4 playing a keyboard toy by ear) and guitar (one year going to guitar class 4 years ago and self-taught since I left classes), reading books, photography, films, TV shows, computers stuff, music (of course), er… What else? Science, chess, nature, humor monologues, social networks (not a synonym of ‘chatting’ but… yeah, I like chatting too), writing (just what I’m doing), medicine, gardening, meeting new cultures, sleeping (a lot, maybe more), being absent-minded every time… Ok, I’ll pipe down now.

Q: Are you crazy?
A: Yeeeeah, pretty much…

Q: If Earth were about to crash down in a month, what would be the last thing you would do?
A: Hm, as I guess most of people around me would get crazy by the time they knew about that awful new, I’d try to help them first, but if I couldn’t, I’d try to live my life the maximum with people I love; my family, my friends and every people who brought any experience to my life. Thus I’d assure real happiness to be the last feeling I would be going to experience… Or maybe not, maybe I’d get the craziness that others would…

Well, I suppose that’s more than enough for now… Any more questions? Throw it then by commenting here! Bye fellas!


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